Sue Cheer writer

Sue Cheer, PhD, Director – freelance writer and founder of Story Pieces

Like many creative people, writer Sue Cheer has two work modalities – there is the work that pays the bills and the passion project.

The bulk of Sue’s work is her remote freelance writing for medical communications companies based largely in the US and UK. This work comprises technical writing for doctors and pharmaceutical companies, such as scientific papers and presentations, and also patient-facing communications such as leaflets and website content.

Cheer by name and cheer by nature, Sue’s personal writing project is grounded in joy.  Story Pieces, Sue’s passion project, is something of a side hustle at the moment, but she hopes to develop it into a bigger portion of her work over time. Story Pieces is an online personal development platform that aims to provide inspiration and techniques to empower users to live their best life story, recall and write personal memories. The website provides interactive online courses and books including a free ‘Paths to Happiness’ course offering 15 practices to live your happiness story.

Here at McClean & Co we love the blend of this technical work with work designed to help people. Here is a little bit more about our work with Sue.

Getting to know McClean & Co

When Sue moved back home to New Zealand from the UK in 2011 and needed help with financials for her freelance writing business, a friend mentioned Lindsay McClean as an accountant.

Sue says that, over the 10 years she has been in business, Lindsay and the team at McClean and Co have been so much more than just accountants, and she credits Lindsay with inspiring her to follow her dreams.

“Lindsay was very encouraging of my ideas and was keen to see me develop them.”

Lindsay’s contacts, including a business mentor in Dunedin, have been invaluable to Sue and she says her Story Pieces website never would have materialised without these connections.

Although her business financials are not complicated, Sue enjoys the freeing of headspace that comes with having McClean & Co’s assistance. GST returns are done every two months and end of year accounts are easy.

“McClean & Co make the accounting easy. It’s helpful and enjoyable not to have to think about it, it’s a weight off my shoulders.”

While Sue felt inspired by Lindsay to fulfil her dreams, we feel inspired by watching her business bloom and flourish. A testament to turning passions into reality!