Coberger Academy team

Nils Coberger runs the Coberger Academy, a ski race coaching programme based in Queenstown. The Academy coaches ski athletes to World Cup and Olympic level, and the programme has impressive alumni including New Zealand’s top skiers Alice Robinson, Adam Barwood and Willis Feasey. Through the years Nils and his coaching team have trained many ski racers towards podiums and medals, and the business has grown in its success.

McClean & Co have been part of the Coberger Academy story since its inception. Lindsay’s daughter raced on the New Zealand National  Ski Team and Nils and Lindsay have been friends for over 20 years. Lindsay and Nils have worked together to grow a thriving business. Nils says, “the advice from Lindsay has been brilliant from day one. He has helped me to grow the business every year since it began and the advice is always spot-on.”

Nils works closely with Lindsay on the strategic side of the business. The business model is simple, yet the pair worked to package the IP in a way that has seen the business grow year on year. Nils credits Lindsay’s guidance for keeping the business on-track and growing. Lindsay is there to support Nils in the operational side of the business; he is at the end of the phone ready to sort coding, Xero and day-to-day management of accounts. Nils sums it up as “great advice, fabulous accounting.”

Currently Nils’ coaching is on hold due to restrictions on travel; this time of year would usually see him training athletes in the Northern Hemisphere. He is experiencing his first summer in 20 years and has his eye patiently on the European borders.

Here at McClean & Co it has been a joy to watch this business grow and to see Nils producing champions from the bottom of the world. The programme has a reputation for providing some of the best training in the world and it has some winners to prove it. We look forward to seeing where the business goes in the future.