Jodie and Renee owners of Host My Home

We have been working with Jodie Adams from Host My Home for four years now. She is the perfect client to work with during these uncertain times. Jodie brings unwavering optimism and energy to her business, and to ours! She is a breath of fresh air and it is an absolute joy to work alongside her to help grow her business.

Jodie established Host My Home in 2018 with her business partner Renee Brown; in a short period of time their business has grown substantially. Prior to starting Host My Home both had their own properties they rented short term. Host My Home helps home owners rent out their houses short-term when they go away. A small, dynamic team manages the marketing, logistics and all operations, but Jodie and Renee are both firmly at the helm.

host my home queenstown homeJodie began working with Lindsay at McClean and Co and credits him with safely guiding business growth and helping her to navigate complex accounting and business challenges. Jodie says, “Lindsay has always been so available and honest. He has always responded to my random ideas and helped steer me in the right direction. He makes time for me and has been amazing”.

The business was built on the back of the Airbnb boom in New Zealand and Queenstown. Host My Home has positioned itself well in the market to capitalise on this growth. The business has been nimble in developing its offerings and operations and now is no different. We spoke to Jodie mid-June 2020, post lockdown, and all things considered, the business is doing well. Marketing has turned to the domestic market for short-term letting.

Lindsay has enjoyed working with Jodie because she is dynamic and always thinking, he says, “Her brain never stops. She is always thinking of new ideas and ventures and running them past us”. Basically, we are always ready to hear the next idea and chat through the pros and cons and opportunities. Jodie takes the advice onboard and charges forward!

Jodie is always ready for change; she is dynamic and creative in coming up with ideas to manage her way through these unusual circumstances. We have no doubt Jodie will come through this well and most likely with some new exciting ideas. We can’t wait to see what she does next!