In case you missed this amazing opportunity available to Queenstown tourism & hospitality businesses (accommodation, activities, food & beverage, retail), the good news is it’s not too late to join the Train & Retain Flex.Ability Program.  The program runs in partnership with QRC, MSD and the Queenstown Chamber, with the first cohort intake on 2 June.

How it works

For six months, you can receive a wage subsidy equivalent to 12 hours per week for staff members employed on a 30 hour plus contract on the basis that they complete training in those 12 hours.

This proactive and collaborative programme has been developed to enable employers to offer continuity of employment in an uncertain environment and to provide greater employment opportunities than may otherwise be available by reducing effective staff costs up to 38% for those in the programme.

There are four streams of training available:

  • Tourism operations
  • Hospitality
  • Leadership & performance
  • Hard skills such as barista, food safety etc.

The four courses normally run for 17 weeks full time. To meet the objectives of Train and Retain, the programme will be offered over a 26-week period on a part time basis – allowing participants to work part time and meet seasonal demand as necessary.

Assessment ‘gates’ have also been identified – meaning that should demand dictate, the courses can pause and learning outcomes recognised at that point enabling employees to resume full-time work.

Both you and your employees will benefit, with a skilled, trained and knowledgeable workforce underpinning a successful tourism industry in future.

Sign up

Take advantage of this opportunity or find out more, on the Queenstown Resort College website.