Here at McClean & Co we are lucky to work with inspiring clients, including a small number of talented professional sports people. Laura Hoskin, a professional golfer from Queenstown, recently sent us an update. We are thrilled to hear about her progress which we would like to share.

I leave for the USA on 1 July to play three lead up professional tournaments in Arkansas, Mississippi and California, culminating in Stage One of the LPGA Q School in Palm Springs starting on 16 August.


This month I will practice and play at the Gulf Harbour course, staying with family friends at Whangaparoa which is just five minutes from the golf course. I will then return to Queenstown for a few days before heading off to the USA!


If I look back it would take me forever to thank everyone. There have been many who have been simply supportive and continued to encourage me to play and stick at it when times have been tough. There have been others I have worked closely with like my first pro caddy who helped me so much in China.


There are a number of local Queenstown people who have financially supported me, a massive thanks to you all.  I look back at a particular sponsor, someone from overseas whose large business enterprise was massively impacted by Covid. YT, I hope things are improving, and I see some of the Disneyland theme parks are reopening, so hopefully your manufacturing arm is growing again!!


To those members at Millbrook and the Hills that have helped in spirit and funds – thank you so much.


All my coaches over the years, I know I must be difficult at times, but thank you for your time and patience. Brian, even though it’s only online at the moment, you have made a massive difference to my swing and game.


I run a small business called LBH Golf Ltd to keep my golf affairs in order. Without Lindsay’s help from McClean and Co, it’s unlikely I would be travelling to USA. 


To the group of ladies who back in 2018 organised and paid for my entry into the Men’s NZ Open as an amateur, what an amazing gesture and fantastic experience and landed me my biggest sponsor for the 2019 season.


I realise how lucky I am to be travelling to the USA to play professional golf, particularly in this unpredictable Covid world. I am still young and don’t have any reasons to step back from professional golf just yet. It is my passion and I can’t wait to be surrounded by other girls my age pursuing professional golf!


Laura, we wish you all the very best for the year ahead and especially the LPGA Q School in Palm Springs and look forward to your updates.