Hubdoc is a virtual filing cabinet! It streamlines data collection, record keeping and processing. Auto-fetch bills from large providers, forward invoices via email, scan or upload invoices and receipts which are all stored in Hubdoc, creating one digitized record keeping system. Even better is the fact that Hubdoc is now included for free with all Xero Business subscriptions (Cashbook subscribers can add Hubdoc for a monthly fee of $27.50).

More about how Hubdoc works

That’s not all!

Get Hubdoc set up in Xero – FREE

Because we really want to educate our clients who have a Xero Business plan with using their free Hubdoc account and how to make time saving and data entry efficiencies, McClean & Co is offering free help for clients to get Hubdoc set up in Xero.

This will include:

  • Basic set up – we initiate this and send you an invite via email to set up a login.
  • Mobile app – easy ways to get information into Hubdoc using the mobile app – take a photo.
  • Forward a document from your emails straight to your Hubdoc account.
  • Scan and upload a document into Hubdoc.
  • Autofetch – your accounts like Spark and Trustpower and others can be set up by you so every bill will automatically forward straight to your Hubdoc account. No more chasing bills and statements.
  • Accounts payable – if you do accounts payables in your business and are setting up bills in Xero already we can show you how to set up Bills in Hubdoc that will flow seamlessly through to your Xero Bills. The information on the invoice to be paid will automatically be collected and flow through to your Xero Bill saving you data entry time and increasing accuracy. Hubdoc extracts key information from your receipts and invoices. Hubdoc will even remember your recuring Invoices for next time and automatically send them to Xero Bills. No more messy paperwork.
  • Year end – as we have access to your Hubdoc and Xero accounts this will make information collection at year end easy.

Register your interest

If you would like to take part in this Hubdoc set up offer, please contact us by emailing or, for more information, read about how Hubdoc works with Xero.