Hubdoc has arrived!

You might have heard about Hubdoc, a helpful cloud based software tool that makes data entry a walk in the park through its information capturing technology. Well, we have exciting news for you – Hubdoc is now included for free with all Xero Business subscriptions. Cashbook subscribers can add Hubdoc for a monthly fee of $27.50.

What’s Hubdoc all about?

Say goodbye to tedious manual data entry and hello to winning your precious time back. The idea behind Hubdoc is to streamline data collection, record keeping and processing. You scan or upload invoices and receipts which are stored in Hubdoc, creating one digitalized record system. Once the file has been uploaded, the clever data extraction technology automatically pulls the information from the document and syncs it into Xero as a coded transaction, followed by a simple one-click reconciliation.

Hubdoc makes a big difference to accurate record keeping as all files are stored, searchable and have source documents attached for verifying information.

If you’d like a visual explanation, check out Xero’s video here.

I like it! What’s next?

It’s going to be super easy for Xero users to start using Hubdoc right away due to the level of integration. When you go into your Xero drop down menu, you’ll find an additional link to Hubdoc. Simply sign in with your Xero login details and follow the prompts to get set up.

Please contact your Advisor at McClean & Co if you would like to use Hubdoc to store your documents. Once you are set up you will never have to bother with paperwork again.

More information

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